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  • InterNetCon Web Acceleration technology
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Technology benefits - InterNetCon Web Acceleration technology

The Principle:

The root of benefits under Web Acceleration technology is split in two parts:
  • Bandwidth Optimization for Service owners - service owners will have users making traffic 50 % less witch means double users number on same bandwidth, resulting a double income and multiplied of net profit
  • Web Acceleration for End users - end users will benefits by 320 % minimum faster browsing witch means much superior quality like witch will be a special satisfaction and advantage to competitors.
Additional, by installing software client the performance can be increased to 70 % less traffic and up till 500 % faster web browsing.

InterNetCon Turbo Software Client:

InterNetCon Turbo is a professional-class bandwidth optimization and web acceleration solution. The software is implemented with a simple installation on End user computer and after startup will automatically connect to datacenter and begin operations.
InterNetCon Turbo uses multiple optimization methods in real time parallel processing:
  • Text Compression
  • Image Compression
  • Caching - Integrated content caching with several configuration options - First In First Out, Least Recently Used, Modified Least Recently Used, Least Frequently Used and Modified Least Frequently Used
  • TCP Multiplexing - optimal use of TCP sessions for simultaneous requests to common web servers
  • Persistent Connections - Minimize impact of TCP Slow Start and other TCP characteristics that impact transfer efficiency
InterNetCon Turbo also compresses the data so that both text and graphics are optimized for transmission, reducing the requirement for expensive bandwidth. Our intuitive algorithms reduce the text and graphics size while still providing excellent image quality under the eye sensitivity.

Brief presentation | Technical details | Technology benefits | Implementation | Prices | Case study
Test results | Effect on ONE WAY Satellite Internet service


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